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Over the summer I had the absolute pleasure of visiting the beautiful country of Morocco. We took literally thousands of photos, as every step, turn, and street were pure aesthetic captivation. Trying to go through all of the photos and narrow them down to share on my site has been a daunting task but I’m finally finished. I hope you enjoy the little glimpse into my Moroccan dream. Wandering through the endless souks in Marrakech is a Morocco must. I came home from the trip with a beautiful rug (make sure to bargain), all kinds of spices, a silver carved platter and some Gucci sunglasses of dubious authenticity… among many other things.

Probably my favourite place was the spice market. This place is incredible, they spent forever teaching us about every spice, and amazing healing remedies like eucalyptus and more. Came home with so many wonderful spices!

Clothing: Before I …